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PENGCASH (PNC) - A digital tokens for real future money!

Maret 22, 2019 // by Admin FO // // No comments

PNC tokens are a bridge to connecting crypto technology to real currency in business in human life, pengcash is used daily in the payment of various online products. This document explains the purpose of PNC being published to the digital money base to support online businesses and trade on the stock market in the steem engine platform.

We support all those who are engaged in online payment activities with rules that will be agreed to by both parties to operate on a global scale without being particularly hard because we are in a blockchain system on the steem platform that decentralizes secure transaction data.

We publish PNC tokens in the steem engine platform to support products and online payments and can also trade PNC currencies on the market engine every time. We are supported by Steem Smart Contracts software engine for your currency transactions safely.


  • What is Pengcash?
  • What is PNC?
  • What is the Steem Engine Platform?
  • What is the difference between physical currency and pengcash digital currency?
  • Is there a transaction fee of %1%?
  • The supply limit for 1 billion PNC tokens?
  • How do PNC pengcash work?
  • How do pengcash manage consensus and data integrity?

The PNC community in relation to the steem platform catalyzes the pengcash ecosystem. We link the sale of online services in the form of transferable PNC tokens called PNC tokens and steem on the public blockchain steemit platform. PNC as a currency that is supported in the steem engine platform, supply of Pencash tokens is associated with the amount of distributed computing that is able to be provided with 1 billion PNC tokens {1,000,000,000} the published amount can no longer be paid and PNC developer events are sold through the trade steem platform the engine uses a steemit account with steemconnect login.

We intend to run sales that are as inclusive as long-term and at any time in the market that can be registered and that means this token will support future steemit users in the form of a community to get steem currencies in their steemit account. We also want to act responsibly by limiting the number of tokens that we allow to sell, instead of just collecting as much money as possible not to benefit small communities.


Token name : PNC-Pengcash
Main : steem.engine platform
Date : 10 Mar 2019
PNC Supply : 1,000,000,000
Basic : 0,01000 (100 STEEM)
Final price : 1 PNC (1 STEEM)

About PNC

Learn everything you need to know about PNC - Pengcash invites people to think beyond obstacles in supporting various online businesses of all products to work together and create a business community online online with digital currency aseet, so we understand that might be confusing at first. Let's start with the basics to keep up with the progress of the globla economic ecosystem in the cryptocurrency base.

Pengcash is registered on a steem engine platform to sell peer-to-peer PNC tokens distributed to trade steem digital aseet, PNC is tainted with the stealth blockchain platform, PNC is built on a trading steem engine platform that is intended to trade and sell online on the pengcash web .omline. anyone can enter this Pengcash community by having an online trading business or your own product, PNC will be the source of the currency that will pay for online sales later, the payer is in the form of PNC tokens with a dollar or steem price.


PNC - Pengcash is built on the Steem-Engine platform and this will be new growth in the digital currency ecosystem for the future of Aceh's life, supply one billion Pengcash tokens. This volume cannot be changed forever, this digital currency was created on 10-03-2019 with a Steemit @ades account with the main goal of supporting the Aceh Steemit community and Pengcash will make payments related to their own products in the form of better online businesses in the future, this digital asset for new currencies in creating trusted online businesses in the form of digital currencies.

Visit our media link to get information every day about PNC for trading or various other information.


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